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    3D Topological Modeler

    Moka installation


      The main library of Moka (lib-gmapkernel) does not need any special library and can be compiled by a C++ compiler and the STL. However, some modules have special needs:

      • controler and controler-gmap : OpenGL
      • spamod : Glut
      Modules can be enabled or disabled by modifying the corresponding options in the file CMakeLists.txt in the root directory of the projet.

      Lastly, Moka GUI needs Qt4 library.

      For each library, it is required to install user and developer versions.

      You also need a recent version of CMake (version >= 2.6.2).


    • 1) Download the sources (see download section)
    • 2) Run cmake with the file CMakeLists.txt in the root directory of the projet
    • 3) Compile the project; this step depends on your compiler (for example under linux just run make)
    • 4) Run mokaQt (the binary is into mokaQtIhm directory).
    • The initial makefile in the root directory of the project is optional, it only allows to simplify the compilation by avoindint to run cmake then make. It allows also to compile either in debug or release mode by passing options to cmake.


      In case of problems, please first check that you have correctly installed all the libraries described above (user and developpement versions). Contact us to indicate any problems).